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Battle Of The Burgers - Round 1

Battle Of The Burgers - Round 1

Soooooo this has taken me forever to write up but here we are,

For Battle of the burgers I took 3 vegan burgers and ranked them on 6 points;

  • Taste

  • Resemblance to meat

  • Texture

  • Juiciness

  • Appearance

Overall impression

For the first 5 points I have ranked them out of 10!


Vivera veggie burgers are first up ( I wanted to get their 1/4 pounders but they arn’t stocked in my local Sainsburys)

Taste 8/10, Resemblance to meat 7/10, Texture7/10, Juiciness 5/10, Appearance 8/10

Overall - thinest and not very juicy and not a necessarily a burger taste, but still meaty tasting if that makes sense. But overall still very good, and I think these would be great on a bbq.


No Bull Burgers from Iceland

Taste 8/10, Resemblance to meat 9/10, Texture8/10, Juiciness 9/10, Appearance 9/10

Overall- Would be best to convince omni, best meat texture, everything there in texture/juciness but flavour isn’t favourite- need to dress up well and season in my opinion


Linda McCartney 1/4 Pounder

Taste 9/10, Resemblance to meat 8/10, Texture8/10, Juiciness 8/10, Appearance 8/10

Overall - probably best flavour wise, not as juicy as the no bull, better crust on the burger itself, good texture not too juicy but not at all dry. nice meat flavour 


And for the results…

35 points for the Vivera burgers

43 points for the No Bull

41 for the Linda McCartney

So No Bull won!!

For Round 2 I think I have to get out the big boys and do, the reigning champion No bull v The beyond meat burger v Vivera 1/4 pounder.

The last two are newer vegan burgers on the market and I think they could give the no bull a run for its money! 


Let me know what your favourite would be!!! 


Much love


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