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Vegan | What to buy in Asda

Vegan | What to buy in Asda

So for those of you who do your main food shop in Asda I just want to list some of my favourites that are available. I do not do my main shop here, but do pick up things from time to time so thought I would include my go too!

Vegan pizza

Now Asda do their own free from vegan mozzarella which is great, and melts very well, which is what we all want from a vegan mozzarella! But to make things even better Asda now do make your own pizzas where there is an option to have the vegan mozzarella put on! They’re amazing value for money, at £3.50 for the biggest one with the choice of different veggie toppings. 

These are one of my favourite vegan pizzas that you can buy and just bung in the oven when you get home!

Salted caramel pots

Now I am hoping that these were not seasonal only as they were bought out this Christmas because these little pots of joy taste just like fancy rolo yogurts, and I need them in my life! Fingers crossed they will still be here this month!


Popcorn Chicken- Asda own brand

Vegan popcorn chicken! Yes you read that correctly, and sometimes we are all in need of a little vegan junk food. Get yourself down to Asda for your KFC style fix!


Own brand vegan cheese

As mentioned above Asda do their own vegan cheeses which are highly regarded. I’m a big fan of their mozzarella and think that their cheddar is good too!! They also do a garlic and chive flavour and a soft cheese, which I am yet to try!


They have also just started stocking the food heaven vegan squirty cream in their free from fridge section which makes the perfect accompaniment for an epic hot chocolate.

I hope this has helped you with some ideas of vegan foods you can pick up in Asda! Let me know your favourites or any new finds :)

Much love

Amy x

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