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Vegan | What to buy in Sainsburys

Vegan | What to buy in Sainsburys

Supermarkets are doing incredible in the last year or so and it is only going to be getting better for 2019!

Sainsburys is home to loads of great vegan products so I have listed them below for you all to enjoy

My top pick from Sainsburys


Sainsburys have their own brand vegan sausages made using mushrooms called shroomdogs, and they are honestly incredible. They are my favourite vegan sausages and they are so realistic its crazy! They originally came in two flavours, cumberland and caramalised onion, but they have also just released chorizo style ones too!



Sainsburys also stock loads of the vivera products which are probably my favorite vegan brand in terms of meat replacements. I particularly love their chicken pieces and mince, and their fish goujons make for an excellent fish finger sandwich!

You can find these in other stores too but Sainsburys have a big selection of the range (:



I think daiya was one of the most anticipated launches of 2018, alongside that of the beyond meat burger. 

For years I had been hearing of daiya cheese in the US and how great it was so it was very exciting to have it arrive over here in the UK. This is currently only available in Sainsburys and they sell the cheddar block, and mozzarella shreds!

They also do a chocolate style cheesecake in the freezer if you’re ever needing a cheesecake fix, and a box Mac and Cheese in the free from cupboard section. Super delicious although quite pricey for the amount you get. 


This brand is completely life-changing when it comes to vegan butter! It tastes like real butter and is so delicious, and it melts so well too! This comes in a spreadable and in a block and is well worth the trip!


Califia Farm

This brand offers cold brew coffees and regular milks, but it’s really the coffees that I’m a fan of. The Mocha cold brew with almond is just delicious and makes for an incredible treat! I especially love these in summer when you still want your coffee but not the hot drink!



Sainsburys also stock some tofurkey products, including chicken pieces and Italian sausages. 

I love both of these as the chicken pieces don’t have to be cooked so are great to pick up at lunch to put in a sandwich or salad! The Italian sausages taste incredible in a pasta bake, and make it so much more interesting!

Sainsburys own brand

Alongside the Shroomdogs, Sainsburys have an impressive amount of vegan own brand products. My favorites include the Sweet Potato Katsu Curry, the fruit and nut chocolate bar and the chocolate and raisin clusters. 

You can also pick up in some Sainsburys vegan doughnuts! They’re jam doughnuts have two different recipes, but if you pick up the ones with the * they are accidentally vegan and so damn delicious!

Last but most definitely not least is….

Follow your heart

This brand has the best vegan mayo on the market Veganaise (Hellmans is good but its not veganaise) and it is available in Sainsburys! I have never seen it available in any other supermarket, and if you’re anything like me stock up because you will love this!!

I hope you guys have found this super useful! There has been reports the Sainsburys will be launching new brands such as Gardein and some fish replacements too this month so I will keep my eyes out for these!

Much love

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