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Veganuary at All Things Vegan UK!

Veganuary at All Things Vegan UK!


So, it is veganuary starting today, and it has been more popular than ever, with @weareveganuary reporting that there is one person signing up every 8 seconds.

For those who don’t know what it is, veganuary is a challenge encouraging people to try veganism for the month of January, and provides lots of support for its members. You will find that a lot of vegans initially started their vegan journey through veganuary.

So what has this got to do with me?

Well I run the instagram page @allthingsveganuk and this blog, and have been vegan for over 4 years. I did not go vegan during veganuary but I feel like as vegans we can support those taking the pledge in whatever way we can!

My way of supporting those doing veganuary, and any other vegans who are looking for inspiration, is to try and do a challenge of my own and to post a new blog post everyday, for the month of January. On my instagram page I share food posts, and vegan products trying to show that veganism is easy, accessible, and most of all delicious.

My blog posts for the month will include meal ideas, recipes, shopping guides and much more!

Keep your eyes out for tomorrow post!

Much love

Amy @allthingsveganuk


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