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Marks and Spencer | Plant Kitchen food review

Marks and Spencer | Plant Kitchen food review


So I was very kindly invited to go along to the Plant Kitchen Street Food Festival with Marks and Spencers, to check out their new, and huge vegan range that they have launched this month.

Veganuary so far has been incredible for vegans, with so many new vegan products launching this month, with one of the most noticeable being the 60 product wide Marks and Spencers Plant Kitchen Range. I tried quite a few products whilst at the event and want to give you my stand out products, or as M&S are calling it #mymarksfave

The Cauliflower Popcorn!

I am not kidding when I say I could eat an obscene amount of these! I have tried countless recipes making these at home and they have never tasted this good. I wouldn’t even say they taste that much like cauliflower, just simply delicious!


The Coleslaw!

If you guys follow me on instagram ( @allthingsveganuk) you will see how freaking obsessed I am with this coleslaw! I can’t seem to stop a) talking about it and b) actually eating it!

It is soooooooo creamy, and you wouldn’t know at all it was vegan! Besides adding it to my work lunches I haven’t even had it with a proper meal yet as I eat it all straight out of the tub, before it gets home!

I’m pretty certain this is one of the first ever pre packaged vegan coleslaws in the UK, it is at least the first I have ever seen!


You guys know I love a good pizza and this only really got heightened after I went vegan! Bringing out two different flavours BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, and a Margherita both of which are delicious, but the Margherita gets my vote! If you can manage to not eat all the coleslaw from the pot, unlike me, I think these would be a match made in heaven!


Thai Green Curry!

I really LOVED this. I love a thai green curry, and I was expecting it to be a bit mild, as with many ready meals they have to cater to the masses which I totally get, but I love that this had a little kick to it!

Tasted soooo incredible and was so quick and easy to make, leaving literally no excuses not to be vegan anymore!


No Beef Burgers

You all know how I feel about burgers and this did not disappoint… I think that Battle of the Burgers Round 2 may have a new contender!


Hope you guys all enjoyed my coverage of the event on my Instagram and #mymarksfave detailed above!

Also the Daily Mail wrote an article on the Plant Kitchen range, where I was mentioned in the ‘what the bloggers think’ section… follow the link to have a read!

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