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Top 5 Tips For Going, and Staying Vegan!

Top 5 Tips For Going, and Staying Vegan!

Top 5 tips for going vegan!

So you’ve taken the plunge and have decided to go vegan, and trust me when I say it will be the best decision you have ever made! It always helps to have some support though, so I have collated my top 5 tips that will hopefully help you on your journey!

1) Do not be hard on yourself. 

Now this is number one because it’s the most important, I do not know anyone who is vegan who hasn’t accidentally slipped up when reading ingredients somewhere or doing their food shop. It happens, and there is so much to take in when you first go vegan. All you have to do is learn from it and move on, don’t feel guilty, and don’t let it ruin your otherwise great progress!

2) Go on the vegan journey that works for you!

Following on from number 1 I like to look at veganism as a journey. Some people can over night go cold turkey and change every element of their life, but I couldn’t and I transitioned my diet and lifestyle in changes. However long it takes you on your journey, or whatever stage you are at is fine, you are making progress which is so much better than not trying at all. 

3) Take your favourite meals and veganise them! 

This works because it stops the mentality that you are missing out on old foods you loved! If you favourite was a chicken curry, find a chicken meat replacer you like, and a recipe for the sauce and voila!

I like to use the saying on my Instagram that anything you can do I can do vegan! Put that into practice and get cooking in the kitchen!

4) Find inspiration! 

This for me was so useful, and is what led to my instagram page. I wanted a place where I could look for vegan meals, get ideas and become accountable! By sharing food on Instagram, initially on my personal account but then on @allthingsveganuk I had this whole vegan community at my fingertips! 

There are loads of amazing vegan instagrams, or there are Facebook groups, or even lots of cookbooks if you prefer a non social media focused way of getting inspired. 

5) Stay compassionate. 

Veganism as a lifestyle is routed in compassion and it is what drives us, and makes us very passionate. However I have seen it far too many times within the vegan community where the compassion seems to stop when it comes to other humans. Please remember to share the vegan message in a happy and positive way. People are on different journeys to us, and if we as a group act negatively towards meat eaters for example how do we ever expect them to change. I would happily convince 10 meats eaters to cut their meat consumption down, then insult them and risk them never going down a vegan path. This is just my opinion of course, but all feedback I have received regarding this has been so positive. 

I hope you have found these tips useful, please do share any others in the comments below!

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