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Vegan | Cleaning products - where do you start?!

Vegan | Cleaning products - where do you start?!

This was one of the last places within my lifestyle that I made vegan friendly. The food if I’m being honest I found very easy but, beauty took longer (mainly because I don’t wear make-up very often) and then it was cleaning products, which is still an ongoing journey for me, although I would say I am pretty much there now!

The three main vegan brands that I have been using are Method, Zoflora and Astonish. 

Astonish are a great value for money company that work really well and also happen to be vegan and cruelty free!

The products I like to use from them are,

Oxy active plus stain remover
Oven cleaner which is incredible
Mould and mildew blaster. 
Window cleaner 

This is a brand I have more recently discovered but will be using a lot more. I have seen it available in home bargains, Wilkinson’s, and it is also available in Asda and on Ocado!

Now onto method which is honestly my favourite because this brand gets scents! Honestly my house has never ever smelt this good!

The wild rhubarb is just incredible! Method is self described as plant based cleaning and I am just fully obsessed. 

The products I love
Wild rhubarb surface cleaner and the matching floor cleaner
Daily shower cleaner in Passionfruit - this smells epic, and works so well!
Sunny citrus kitchen cleaner
Wood floor cleaner in almond- my wooden floors have never looked better!


I have recently discovered Zoflora thanks to Mrs Hinch and her Zoflora hype and was so pleased to see on their website that they are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. 

My favourite scents so far are 

Linen fresh
Winter Morning

With so many different uses I feel these will be so so so useful for vegan and cruelty free house holds as they are so versatile!


I hope you have found this helpful, please please please share your favourite vegan cleaning products as I would love to learn more!

Much love 


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