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Anything You Can Eat I Can Eat Vegan!

I always love to post easy, delicious and accessible vegan foods and meals, showing that veganism can be for anyone!

Vegan | Favourite general products

Vegan | Favourite general products

I have listed my favourite vegan meat and dairy replacements so I thought I would bundle together my favourite other food products! This is just a mixture of everything you would find in your cupboards, and has lots of accidentally vegan products!

Oreos, choc chip hobnobs and lotus biscuits are probably my favourite biscuits, so easy to find everywhere!

Breakfast items
Marmite, literally love this stuff on toast, but it is also amazing is sauces!
Biscoff crunchy spread on toast!
Just rol pan au chocolate! Vegan bake at home warm croissants are always a win!
Bel vita soft bakes - chocolate hazelnut flavour!

Sainsburys Jam doughnuts (only Jam ones with the * are vegan so make sure you check)

Marks and Spencers Iced and Spiced buns - basically iced hot cross buns!! Incredible

Thai sweet chilli Sainsburys crisps- these taste literally just like Sensations and they are vegan! (just like sensations)
Walkers chicken crisps- these are vegan, and sooooo tasty!
Hippeas, literally vegan wotsits!

Waitrose Indian Ocean Coconut Chocolate, this is soooo creamy!
Waitron giandadotti, hazelnut chocolate bites
Vego bars- a vegan staple

Tofoo as a company is my favourite, simply because it is extra firm so it doesnt need pressing!

Ugo thrive ravioli, available at Sainsburys and Waitrose and they honestly taste amazing!

Naan breads
Rita’s garlic and coriander which are from Asda, and taste just like the real thing!!

Vegan Lasagne!

Vegan Lasagne!

Ultimate fish fillet sandwich!

Ultimate fish fillet sandwich!