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Vegan | My Favourite Dairy Alternatives

Vegan | My Favourite Dairy Alternatives

So what I thought could be quite useful to you all would be if I listed my favourite dairy alternative! The reasoning behind this is I get so many questions of favourite milk, or which cheese is best and I thought I could put them all in one place so you guys can try out these too!


Milk, now I don’t drink tea, only coffee so for me the ideal milk is the Oatly Barista because it froths so well in coffee so you don’t have to miss that cappuccino! It also doesn’t curdle in regular coffee too!

Daiya all the way for this one, I just find it melts the best (:

Cream cheese
Sainsburys free from garlic and herb! Super yummy and I honestly can’t tell you the difference between the taste of these and regular cream cheese!

Tesco free from cheese I really rate and their jalapeño and chilli cheddar style is incredible

Flavoured cheese
Peppercorn soft cheese! You get this from tesco in their free from section and it is amazing and goes so well on a vegan cheese board!

Ice cream
Vegan magnums, specifically the almond flavour! Literally incredible and taste no different from the dairy versions!


Alpro go on, both the plain and the flavoured! It is so thick and creamy and works well as not only yogurt but as the base in lots of sauces too!

Naturli butter comes in both a spreadable and a block version and they are a replica for the salted butters you can get rather than a plainer margarine! I love this especially on toast where the flavour it really noticeable!


Follow your heart veganaise will always win with me!! So so tasty, and creamy you’ll hardly notice it isn’t Hellman’s!



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