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Vegan | My Favourite Meat and Fish Alternatives

Vegan | My Favourite Meat and Fish Alternatives

So when you’re first transitioning to veganism, I found it super helpful to find meat alternatives I loved. I know meat alternative products are not for everyone, and thats totally fine but I am always up for discovering new vegan products! I feel these are great for those of you who are recently vegan, interested in vegan/vegetarianism, or for those who just want to cut down on your meat consumption!

I would always say it is worth trying lots to see what you prefer but I have compiled as list of my favourites (as there are so many on the market now) and how I like to use them!

For a while the Linda McCartney sausages were my favourite, but since the release of the Shroomdogs in Sainsburys I literally cannot think of anything better. I have fed them to my omni family who had to see the packet to be convinced that they were not the real deal.

The Cumberland is my favourite flavour, and I like to have them either in a sausage sandwich, or with mash and gravy!

Available in Sainsburys only - £2.50 for a pack of 6


For a while I was struggling to find a really great alternative for bacon, there were a few available that were good but I wanted something amazing! Enter the Quorn vegan smoky ham slices. These will let your rebut those ‘what about bacon’ comments so so easily as it tastes incredible!

Buy a pack of the slices and fry them up in either in frylight or oil! You can control how crispy you make them, and it makes for an amazing bacon sandwich or BLT!

These are available in most Supermarkets now! Usually £2.00 for the pack.


Fish fingers (yes you read this right!

Both Quorn and Vivera both sell amazing vegan style fish fingers but the Vivera veggie fish goujons come out on top!

I love these in a fishfinger sandwich with a homemade tartare sauce!!!


My favourite mince hands down is the Vivera mince. I find with alot of vegan mince that it looses its texture when you cook it and can become a little mushy, but this however is perfect. I have recommended it to friends who have loved it too!

Perfect for a chilli or a spaghetti bolognese!

Available in Tesco and Sainsburys - £2.50 per pack

Once again Vivera get my vote on this one! I am a massive fan of there products as I find that they have got both the texture and taste on point, rather than just one of these. The chicken pieces they sell have to be cooked and honestly work so much like real chicken. I have subbed them out in omni recipes with no issues at all. They are great in currys, pastas or cooked up and in and chicken mayo sandwich.

Available in Sainsburys and Tesco’s - £2.50 per pack

If you are looking for chicken style pieces that can be eaten without the need to cook, the Quorn vegan chicken slices are also great too!


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