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Vegan | My Vegan Journey and where it all began.

Vegan | My Vegan Journey and where it all began.

Today I wanted to discuss why I went vegan, and how my vegan journey has been in the last four plus years. 

I initially found out I was lactose intolerant (or now realize I’m not a baby cow)  and was having to avoid dairy more and more. I was getting very ill when I ate it so I made the decision to cut it out it fully. 

Throughout my teens I went vegetarian a couple of times, but didn’t stick with it but I was however aware of wanting to go on a more cruelty free path in life. 

I had just had my 21st birthday and I unfortunately encountered a horrible animal cruelty situation happen outside my house, and I couldn’t save the animal. I won’t go into more details but it really haunted me, and I no longer ate meat or fish. 

With both the dairy cut out and now meat, I slowly cut out the final things. I was never much of an egg eater so it was only mayo left really to cut out, and then later honey. 

Within this period of time I was becoming more and more educated regarding veganism. I worked at Lush so there were a few vegans who I worked with who answered lots of questions and I started to watch documentaries. The ones I would recommend are cowspiracy, what the health, and earthlings. Together this combination of a want to be more compassionate, and learning more I was loving being vegan. 

The underlying message I have taken away from being vegan, and is always the reason I state when someone asks me why am I vegan or whether I miss meat is this;

An animals life will never be more important than my tastebuds. I do not need to eat animal products to live a healthy life, so how could I honestly say a taste preference was more important than an innocent animals life. 

About a year after I went vegan my boyfriend became vegan too, which made things so easy, as we lived together so could now just eat the same foods. It also meant we could enjoy going to vegan restaurants together and trying new vegan food as it came into the supermarkets!

My family have been super supportive throughout my vegan journey, happily trying vegan food, cooking me meals when I visit, and most recently they all came and enjoyed a fully vegan Boxing Day meal which makes me super happy. 

I have mostly had a very positive response to my vegan journey with people always very interested and wanting to know more. I always think despite how passionate you are make sure you remember that other humans are on different journeys to you, and that they may not be ready to accept what you are wanting to share with them. Just show the positives of being vegan, and how easy and delicious it would be and people will be interested in learning more at their own pace! 

I hope my ramblings about my own journey has been interesting for you guys, and I hope your own vegan journey is going well too. 

Much love


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