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Gardein Review!

Gardein Review!

So Gardein is a brand that I have already been interested in, seeing it from the US and hearing that it had great reviews. So when I heard these would be launching in Sainsburys I was so excited and knew I had to try them as soon as I could get my hands on them!


The range is made up off 4 products currently, and they are seven grain crispy tenders, the mandarin orange crispy chick’n,, the fishless fillets and the Szechuan beefless strips and honestly all I can say is wow!! 


I will talk about them in order of my favorites!


My favourite from the range has to be without a shadow of doubt the fishless fillets which are amazing! They taste so fishlike it’s unreal! They’re in a really nice batter which goes golden when you cook them, and would really help with any fish cravings anyone was having!


I tried mine with homemade vegan tartare sauce in a bread roll and it was heaven! 



Next would be the Mandarin Chicken! This tasted so amazing and the chicken itself was on point too! I think as a brand they really do both texture and flavour so well!

I love that when you add the sauce it goes so sticky, there isn’t anything like this on the UK market that is similar - at least that I’m aware of!!


Next would be the Szechuan beefless strips! Still delicious but the beef was a lot less convincing, but still winning points for originality as once again I can’t think of any other product like this on the market! So so so tasty!

My last one would be the seven grain tenders! I still thought these tasted really good, but there is a lot of products like these out there, so I am less impressed in that sense. With that being said they are still super tasty!

I hope you guys like this little review, and get to try the Gardein range for yourself!!

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