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My Top Seven Vegan Cupboard Essentials!

My Top Seven Vegan Cupboard Essentials!

Going vegan can seem a bit daunting in the early stages, especially when you get a little bit more creative in the kitchen and find that lots of recipes are calling for random ingredients that you may have not heard of yet. Or you are wanting to add abit more depth into your food or wish to evoke an umami taste within your food, which usually comes from meat.

There are a few things I would recommend stocking up on in your food cupboard which will help enhance your vegan cooking, I will add links for any I can :)

Nutritional yeast- available in most places nowadays although I tend to always pick mine up from Holland and Barratt. These are little yeast flakes that have a cheesy savouryness to them that helps bolster up cheese based meals and sauces. I also like to sprinkle it on top of dishes such as chilli.

Herbs and spices, this sounds simple but make sure you have a big range of lots of different spices as you will be amazed at the flavours you can replicate with a simple spice blend.

Veggie Stock, once again basic but so good to add in an undercurrent of flavour. I like to add veggie stock cubes in to tomato based sauces, and to saute veggies in!

Marmite is not only delicious on toast, but works incredibly to add a richness to sauces. I will always mix a little into dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, or gravy!

Porchini mushrooms always seemed like something that was far too expensive for what you actually got, so I didn’t buy them for a really long time and now I wouldn’t be without them. You only really use a couple of a time and you rehydrate them in boiling water getting this incredible stock that you would put in dishes. Once again amazing in a ragu, or chilli! Mushrooms are one food which evoke the Umami taste, so these add a wonderful depth of flavour.

Liquid Smoke sounded completely made up to me when I saw it in a recipe! But you can order it from amazon and it is literally a smokey flavour it a bottle. Adding it to black beans, mushrooms or vegan bacon is such a win!

Lastly I love the better than bouillon no chicken base which does exactly as it suggests! It is like a thick chicken base with no chicken in and is labeled vegan. It works amazingly in any non chicken soups, pies, broths or if you get super adventure when making your own seitan! It is pricy, but you only use a teaspoon at a time so it lasts a good amount of time!

Hope this helps some of you guys! Comment any of your essentials below :)

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