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Veganuary 2019 | The Year Of Veganism

Veganuary 2019 | The Year Of Veganism

So we are nearly two weeks into Veganuary 2019, and so far I have managed my challenge to blog every day! I hope you are all enjoying the content!

But lets talk about this month so far! I cannot believe in the space of less than two weeks the amount of vegan products that have launched, making it easier, and more delicious to be vegan with every single day!

I thought I would collate a list of the products I am aware of, so that if you haven’t got your hands on them yet, you can do soon!

  • Greggs sausage roll! What a world we live in right! Piers Morgan aside this humble sausage roll took the nation by storm! Totally delicious and worth hunting down if you can!

  • M&S Plant Kitchen 60 products

  • Frankie and Bennys new vegan menu

  • PIzza Hut Jackfruit Pizza

  • Sainsburys new range of Shroomdogs, and shroomballs

  • Gardein

  • Sophies Kitchen Salmon and Shrimp

  • Ben and Jerry’s Coconutterly Caramel

  • Vivera Veggie Greek Kebab

  • Vegan M&S Shoe Range

  • Zizzi’s Four Cheese Pizza and cheesecake

  • Sainsburys Love Your Veg Pizza

  • Upton Naturals seitan bacon, and crumbles

  • Iceland No Cheese Pizza’s

  • Waitrose Fishless Fingers, Fishless Cakes and Tartare Sauce

  • McDonalds Veggie wrap and Happy Meal

  • Aldi Meat Free Butcher Burgers

  • Boots Veggie BLT and Vegan All Day Breakfast Sandwiches

All of this in the space of a couple of weeks. I truly think that this is a really exciting time to be vegan, and to be honest its becoming something that everything is speaking about, which can only be a good thing.

I have seen a lot of comments saying that brands are just buying into the hype, but if I am being honest with you guys, we NEED brands to buy into the hype.

The way that brands work is that they need to make money, they are driven by profit and will stock whatever products will bring them in profit. This is logical and is why we should vote with our wallet if we want brands to bring out vegan products as we will need to be buying them, and feeding into that hype. It is the only way that big businesses will listen, and ultimately it is so much better for vegans and animals alike when veganism is easier to do.

Clearly it is working and I am so happy to see veganism really taking off, through this Veganuary and beyond into the rest of the year!

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