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Ultimate fish fillet sandwich!

Ultimate fish fillet sandwich!

Now if you haven’t read my Gardein review you won’t know yet that I am obsessed with the new fish fillets!


They make the most amazing fish fillet sandwich with a homemade tartare sauce!  


Here’s what you’ll need! 

Fresh bread roll



Pickles, chopped super fine

Juice of one lemon

Salt and pepper


Pop your fish fillet into the oven and now make your tartare sauce. 


Take me a couple of tablespoons of the veganaise and chop up 2/3 pickles really fine. Mix into the veganaise with one teaspoon of pickle juice (the liquid in the jar)  with the juice of half a lemon. Take a teaspoon of dried dill and then season with salt and pepper! Voila, so simple and so delicious!


Totally up to you how you want to make your sandwich up, I like mine plain with just the tartare sauce and a squeeze of lemon! But I can imagine it would work well with shredded lettuce and some melted cheese too! 

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