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I always love to post easy, delicious and accessible vegan foods and meals, showing that veganism can be for anyone!

Everything you need for an AMAZING vegan BLT!

Everything you need for an AMAZING vegan BLT!

Bacon is one of those foods that you are asked about constantly when you’re vegan, from the classic ‘what about bacon tho’ to ‘I just couldn’t live without bacon’!

Well now you don’t have to worry as the hack of frying up the quorn vegan ham is such an epic bacon replacer you can build yourself the perfect BLT

What you need



Quorn Vegan Ham


Mayo- veganaise is the one

Vegan cheese- I like cheese in mine!

Now grab yourself a pan and quickly fry off your ham to the crispiness you like!

Whilst do this mayo your bread, slice you lettuce, tomatoes and cheese in preparation.

Get stacking! Lettuce first, then tomato, then your bacon with the cheese on top so it starts to melt!

This is such an easy recipe as it is basically just putting together key ingredients which is why they have to all be great. Go with the veganaise mayo as this is the closest thing to mayo, and personally I am really loving the Koko Cheese at the moment, and this all just tasted incredible!

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