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I always love to post easy, delicious and accessible vegan foods and meals, showing that veganism can be for anyone!

Vegan | One Pot Fajita Pasta

Vegan | One Pot Fajita Pasta

I saw a meal like this a while ago on Facebook that wasn’t vegan and made a mental check to veganise this at one point which is what I finally got around to doing!


This is a super easy meal, it took about 20 minutes to cook and as the name suggests only used one pan so no washing up!!




2 x peppers

2 x onion

mexican spices- either a spice mix or using cumin, coriander, paprika, cayenne, garlic powder and mix herbs

Plantbased milk around 2/3 cups

Nutritional yeast - 1 tablespoon  


Tablespoon of flour  

Tomato purée  

Frylight or oil

Toppings optional - fresh chilli and jalapeño 




Slice your peppers and onions really nice and fine. Grab yourself a big saucepan and add in your oil and fry light and your chopped peppers and onions. Fry lightly then add in your Mexican seasoning. 

Add in a table spoon of tomato purée and then add in your pasta (as much as you need) then give it all a stir. Add in you milk and then top off with water until the pasta is just covered, and then bring to the boil.  

Add in a tablespoon of nutritional yeast which will add a cheesy element to the sauce.  

Once bought to the boil turn down slightly to keep on a simmer. The pasta will cook in the milk liquid which will start to thicken. When the pasta is nearly cooked add in a table spoon of flour just to help thicken the sauce!

When the pasta is cooked it’s ready to be eaten! I like to top mine with sliced chilli and jalapeño but you could also add vegan cheese or some crushed tortilla chips!



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