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Vegan Prawns | Honest Review

Vegan Prawns | Honest Review

So this month in Sainsburys Sophie’s Kitchen was released with has vegan smoked salmon and vegan shrimp, and yesterday I tried the shrimp in a paella and wanted to give you my initial thoughts.

Now look wise, these are scarily realistic, with the white and pink stripes. They also cook really simply and only take 3-5 minutes which was great. I pretty much finished cooking the paella and just added these in in the last 5 minutes.

Now it comes to the texture, which was okay and I guess resembled prawns somewhat, but was also a bit more rubbery, but as a vegan prawn the texture worked.

However the taste left a lot to be desired, they did not really smell nor taste like prawns, and didnt add any flavour at all to my dish. I also found they didnt really absorb any of the taste of the sauce either which was a bit of the shame. It’s because of this that I don’t feel like they added much to this meal.

I would think however that a way to use these which would taste great would be to marinate them in a sauce and then cook them either on the BBQ or on a griddle pan to seal in lots of flavour, so this is probably how I would try them next time!

One thing that I do think is amazing though is that these products exist in the first place, in a big supermarket chain! Vegan fish is probably one of the things we are missing most on the market and I feel like it is only upwards from here!

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