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Vegan | What to buy in Waitrose

Vegan | What to buy in Waitrose

Waitrose is where I predominantly do my food shop and they have an incredible amount of vegan foods, with a dedicated vegan section in their fridge aisles!

My go to products are....

Waitrose own brand

Waitrose do some incredible own brand products with my favourite being the two chocolate tortes, which are amazing and would fool any Omni into thinking there was dairy in them!


Along the same chocolate theme they also sell an accidentally vegan chocolate bar called ‘Indian Ocean Dark Chocolate with coconut’ and is part of their single origins range. This tastes so creamy and isn’t too dark for dark chocolate so I think would be a winner with everyone. This Christmas they also released boxes of Italian gianduiotti which tasted like the seashell chocolate you used to steal from your mum as a child! I’m really hoping these are a permanent feature!

On the savoury side they offer a vegan ploughmans sandwich which hits all the right places and is one of my favourite vegan sandwiches. They also sell vegan pizzas, bolognese sauce with soya pieces and jackfruit chilli which are all great. 

Other brands

They sell the koko cheese which people rave about as being an excellent cheese replacement. Its not my favourite as I can really taste the coconut, but it is still good!


The vegetarian butcher chicken chunks which you cook, work amazingly and are very convincing. I especially like using these in a curry. 

Ugo Thrive - this is a pasta brand but what I most like from this brand is their ravioli, especially the spices butternut squash one. I used to love having ravioli when I wasn’t vegan as a quick dinner so it’s great to have this back on the menu. 

Pizza express vegan giardiniera cook at home pizza is available at Waitrose and is really yummy, although not better than the real thing!

These are my top picks from Waitrose! Let me know your favourites :)

Much love

Amy @allthingsveganuk

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