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Recipe | Salt & Pepper Tofu

Recipe | Salt & Pepper Tofu

Salt and pepper tofu is one of those favorites that you would always order from the Chinese. However making it at home is just as easy and super delicious! I love to serve mine up with a stir fry or if you really fancy some salt & pepper chips  


What you will need  

Tofu my favorite is Tofoo

spring onion  


fresh red chillies

chinese five spice


oil or fry light  

salt and white pepper  



Firstly take your tofu and drain fully, then pat dry with kitchen roll. Take 2tblsp. of flour and mix in half tsp. chinese five spice and the salt and white pepper (just a pinch of each).

Cut tofu into cubes and coat fully with the flour mixture. 

Take a large frying pan and heat on low heat with the oil/ fry light, pop your tofu into the pan making sure that you leave space between the pieces so that they will go crispy, my top tip for tofu is to cook it on a lower heat and take longer otherwise it can burn easily. 

Whilst the tofu is cooking finely slice 2 spring onions, 1-2 red chilies (depending on how spicy you want it) and 2 cloves of garlic. 

When the tofu has lightly browned add in a small amount of oil and your chopped veggies, turn up heat to medium and quickly stir fry for a couple of minutes. Add in any more salt and pepper to taste


And that’s it! Super easy and a real crowd pleaser, I hope you all enjoyπŸ˜€ 


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