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Vegan | What to buy in Tesco's

Vegan | What to buy in Tesco's

Tesco is often where I pop in to get specific vegan items rather than doing my whole food shop, but it is home to the Wicked Kitchen range of ready meals and sandwiches, which have some real winners in. They also have some of my favourite vegan products in which I have listed below.

Let’s start with Wicked Kitchen

I love the Wicked Kitchen pizzas especially the new margarita with vegan cheese on! It’s so tasty and the little sauce that comes with it is incredible! I also really love the fiery fries too although this would be very easy to recreate at home. The rest of the ready meals I have thought are good, but very expensive for what they are and could easily be recreated, HOWEVER with that being said I have a lot of love for this brand for putting so many vegan ready meals and sandwiches out there for those who don’t have time or are developing their kitchen skills, or just simply need something quick and easy!

They also do the most amazing sausage rolls, which are new out and I’m a big fan, alongside their red velvet brownie which is a win! 


Tesco is home to the vegan magnum, and I’m not going to lie to you when I say this is the thing I go back to Tescos the most for. The almond one is literally just like the original, non-vegan one, and belongs in my freezer at all times!


Beyond meat burger. 

Another hugely anticipated release was the beyond meat burger, and it does not disappoint. Please don’t be put off by the price tag! Although expensive these are every bit worth it (: They deliver on both taste and texture, and are really convincing burger substitutes! I cant wait to try them on the BBQ this summer!


Tesco own brand

My favourite Tesco’s own brand products are their vegan cheeses, especially the peppercorn soft cheese, and the jalapeño and chilli cheese (which is epic melted in nachos)

Both are pictured on the cheese board below, peppercorn is the centre, and the jalapeno is the orange on the right!.

I also really love their Mozzarella cheese alternative and find that it melts really well!

I hope this helps with some ideas of what goodies you can pick up when shopping in Tesco’s!

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